Food Trucks For Your Corporate Functions

Workplace and corporate events can often be, well, too corporate. Food trucks are a leading trend in catering and can energize the boring daily lunch and yawn-worthy after hours parties at the office. 

  • Trends workplace catering and food trucks

    What we are seeing is that many food trucks have adapted to consumer food trends and are concerned about food waste, offer vegan and vegetarian options, and are using local and organic products when possible.

    All kinds of businesses and food trucks are finding a balance between sustainability and profitability. And it’s possible to hire a food truck that is a match for a company’s ambitions, vision and mission.


    How can a workplace use food trucks?


    • Weekly or monthly get-togethers on “Food Truck Fridays” or “Taco Tuesdays”
    • Showcase types of food from other regional offices to celebrate global connections and diversity.
    • Add food trucks on site to the standard business cafeteria offering for lunch.
    • Bring a food truck lunch option to a business park with no common cafeteria or restaurants nearby.
    • Increase crowd turn out for regular events with delicious, cool, exciting food and trucks.


    Trends workplace catering and food trucks
  • Saving the world

    Maybe food trucks aren’t necessarily saving the world. But bringing in fresh catering concepts can build bridges with employees and customers. A food truck event can pull employees out of the building and away from their desks. Isn’t that making the world a better place?

    • Business contacts and business development
    • Teambuilding and recruiting
    • Marketing exposure for new products
    • Sales talks and client engagement
    • Socializing, communication and engagement between departments or locations.